5 Things to Expect in a Ballet Class for Little Dancers

5 Things to Expect in a Ballet Class for Little Dancers

Taking a little one to their first ballet or dance class? Not sure what to expect? Here are the top 5 things to expect in a ballet class... plus lots and lots of fun.

1. Movement

You would think this goes without saying but what we love about dance teachers is how they make movement magical for little dancers all while they learn the basics. Ballet teachers will use a range of creative exercises to get little dancers moving in all different ways.

Your little dancer will move through warm ups with lots of foot movement and stretching, basic ballet positions and learn dance terminology through lots of imaginative activities. Teachers will try to foster a love for dance and develop their coordination, balance, and rhythm.

2. Basic Techniques

Whilst your little twirler moves through class they’ll learn classic movements, basic hand and feet positions and essential warm up techniques. The ballet techniques may include pointing and flexing the feet, learning to plié (bend at the knees), relevé (rise onto the balls of the feet) and the 5 basic ballet positions.

All of these essential techniques are taught using games, songs, and storytelling to make the class fun and engaging for even the littlest of dancers.

3. Music

Music is an essential part of all dance. Toddler ballet classes will always include music, it might be Baby Shark (do-do-do-do-do-do) or Brahms but when there's movement there's music. The different styles and rhythms of music help little dancers expand their sense of musicality. They will learn to move and dance in time with the music, enhancing their coordination and timing skills.

4. Props

What 5 year old doesn’t love a wand to wave or lily pad to hop on? For extra engagement Ballet Teachers often add props to their classes and get little dancers moving with their imagination. Props like scarves, ribbons, wands and lily pads can be used to encourage creativity and help illustrate dance movements (like hops, or sweeping arm movements). 

5. Friends

An easy way to encourage a little dancer to go to ballet classes is with their friends. Knowing one person in a class is an easy introduction to the dance studio. Once in the studio they'll make friends aplenty with all the fun class activities.

Your tiny twirler will learn to take turns, follow instructions, and work with their class mates. All these activities help them to develop social skills such as sharing, cooperation, communication and of course twirling.

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